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The roofing skylights Newcastle contractors will install skylights on your roof to serve a number of purposes. These skylights can potentially and naturally brighten a dark room allowing some sunshine in and giving life to the entire room. Nonetheless, there are several skylights available in the market today, most of them fulfilling multiple purposes. Before installation, you should consider the best type of skylights that are suitable for your property. Our skylight installation Newcastle experts will help you make the best choice and also carry out the installation service for you at very affordable costs. Some of the skylight types are;

  • Tubular skylight

This is the new roofing skylight type currently in the market. We prefer this type of skylights in cases where there is a small roof space available. They are small tube-shaped pipes covered with a spherical dome at the rooftop. The uppermost dome covering collects enough light and transmits it through the tube to the designated space or room. The tube is made of mirror-like materials such as silver to help effectively reflect the light with minimal loss.

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  • Ventilated skylight

When you are looking for a multipurpose skylight, these are the best choice for you. We install them in kitchens and bathrooms to remove excess moisture and keep a content air flow within the building. They can either be controlled automatically or even manually.

  • Dome acrylics skylight

They are mostly made of very strong plastics. With their dome shape, they ensure an even spread of sunlight within the room instead of it penetrating directly in one direction. This ensures a neutral all round room light up. It comes in two layers, for protection and for insulation purposes. We mostly use them in entrance foyers and on focal point attractive features for instance a mural area or where sculptures are placed.

  • Fixed skylight

These are the most popular types of skylights in the market. However, they do not open for ventilation as they are completely sealed to the roof. We use them in low light areas like attics.

  • Custom skylight

When looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of your building, we will recommend this type of skylights as it adds to the beauty of your property. They can be custom made to any geometry, shape and sizes your roofing needs. Our experts ensure that the materials used are perfectly fit to avoid any potential leaks.

  • Barrel vault skylight

We mostly use this type of skylight in nonresidential buildings. This is because it has quite a large area exposed to light and thus reduces chances of privacy. Either the whole roof or just a part of it is covered by the skylight. We prefer to use this type of skylights in passageways, mall arcades or even parking shelters.

  • Pyramid skylight

These skylights come in pyramidal shapes. They have main rafters with different horizontal purlins and can be made to any size depending on your roofing needs. We install these skylights mostly on lobbies, entryways or any larger spaces. Their sizes vary depending on your requirements.

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