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Comprehending the roof installation steps and the related processes is essential for you as a property owner even if you carry out the installation yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. This is basically just to ensure that your new roof is installed adequately. It is always advisable for you as a property owner to get roofing service cost quotations from licensed and insured companies in Newcastle. Having a bit of knowledge of the process will be great as you will know exactly what to expect. Once you have hired roofing Newcastle contractors for a roof installation service, there are simple but very necessary processes we will follow.

  • Old roofing elimination

As a first step for new roof installations, roofing contractors Newcastle will safely do away with the old one that was existing before installing the new one. We carry this out to a point down do where the sheath is, from there, the new installation can be made. We carefully remove them being sure not to add any layers to avoid potential cases of roof untimely collapse.

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  • Sheath assessment

Once the old roofing has been completely removed, we keenly assess the remainder covering. This is the roof part made up of flattened panels providing the roof’s structural support. It is also the foundation to which covering materials are connected. Our roofing Newcastle professionals will then take detailed evaluation of the cladding structure, looking out for areas within it that need replacement or reinforcement.

  • Protection against any form of moisture

Roofing Newcastle professionals will create a moisture barrier around your roof to prevent them coming to contact with either water or ice. This is completely done all round the roof borders, the main concern being the lower edge which is frequently liable to moisture build up. The moisture barrier is tightly held on to the roof sheathing, nailing it down for additional reinforcement and stability.

  • Drip edge installation

For the bottom part of the roof, we install the drip edge before the moisture barrier. For the sides of the roof, the drip edge is installed after the moisture barrier. We install a metal drip edge along the lower part of the building, over the moisture barrier. It is then properly pinned down on the roof. Once the moisture barrier is well laid down, we go over it with the drip edge on the sides just like we did with the lower part of the roof. This way, we help prevent water from flowing over the side edges and back below it.

  • Installation of the roof underlay

These materials are saturated in water resistant substances and can either be fifteen inches or thirty inches thick. They can also be paper or synthetic which are quite durable compared to paper ones. The thirty inches thick materials are double durable than the fifteen inches thick ones. For a durable, sustainable and convenient option, we always advise our clients to invest in the expensive synthetic materials for effective roof protection. The material is then rolled for installation, along the edges and secure them in place with the nail caps, overlapping each row up to the roof peak.

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