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From an environment point of view, collecting or harvesting rain water is a good practice as it can be helpful for reuse within your household. When looking to install roofing gutters in Newcastle, be sure to contact us for exceptional roofing services. We carry out site reconnaissance visits before the gutter installation project begins. The process is less complicated although the installation technique might vary from one gutter type to another. It may involve;

  • Layout plan

We do a quick assessment of the roof and come up with a perfect gutter layout plan for your roof. Whether it is a new gutter installation or replacing the old one, a quick sketch with all the components is drawn. Our roof guttering professionals are quite familiar with assembling joints for all the guttering systems you wish to install.

  • Total length calculation

We calculate and determine the total length of the guttering material that will be used. For old gutters, we correct the existing necessary downpipes as well as their connection brackets. We make sure to design and install the gutter system in such a way that they are attached to the entire roof and end with a downpipe. For cases where the gutter system might run past forty feet, then, we position it to face down from the middle part aimed towards the downspout.

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  • Layout measurement

We take the full actual measurement of the gutter layout on the roof. In the process, we locate both the highest and the lowest points of the gutter run. The different points are then marked on the eave a few meters below the roof flashing. The ending point of the gutter run is the downpipes.

  • Cutting gutter size

With the appropriate measurements, we carefully cut the gutter material. We do this using hacksaw or heavy duty tin snips. We then attach gutter brackets depending on the gutter material being used. They are then later used to attach the gutters to the face board. Our roofing gutters experts know the best gutter brackets recommended for each type of gutter materials.

  • Downpipe openings

We marking our downspouts either at the end or beginning of the gutter run. We then cut out the appropriate size opening for it using a jigsaw on the marked out locations of the gutter. The downspout connector is then attached to the end cap using silicone seal and metallic screws. 

  • Gutter attachment

Using the gutter brackets, the gutters are then perfectly mounted on the face board at an interval of about twenty inched distance apart. We drive in the gutter brackets to at least five centimeters into the face board using stainless steel lag screws or nails depending on the face board wood type. The downspouts are then connected with their tapered end facing down.

  • Gutter sealing

We then seal the gutter connection with a leak-proof bead and leave it to dry overnight. Just like that, our roofing gutter installation is complete and you will be ready to start harvesting rainwater very soon. We will help you choose the best gutters for your roof.

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