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Cladding & Flashings

Roof cladding and flashing are the most delicate elements of your roof and it is quite vital for them to be installed in a nice and intact manner. Corrosion resistant materials are encouraged as they will last longer than the ones which are easily corroded. When you require roof cladding and roof flashing installation or replacement, ensure you contact roofing service Newcastle, as we are professionals and will correctly carry out the project to meet your standards. There are quite a number of flashing techniques depending on your needs.

  • Chimney Flashing and Cladding

We introduce this type around the lower areas of the chimney so as to protect the building from water effusion. We install these in the areas where the stack dividers lie on the rooftop. We arrange them in two sections of the cap and the base. We use cap flashings at the crossing point of dividers and the rooftop materials. We then cover the top blazing on base flashing at about twenty centimeters to avoid contact with any overspill.

  • Continuous Flashing and Cladding

Here, we connect the flashing to ensure that the joints of vertical divider and slanted rooftop are perfectly in place. We design it to make the rainwater from the rooftop inclination to empty out of the building. Nonetheless, some amount of water might drip through the joints of the rooftop and divider to make overspill. We then use a cladding and flashing to retain a reasonable distance from the spillage at the edge of vertical divider and rooftop.

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  • Vent Pipe Flashing and Cladding

We install this type of flashing mostly over the pipes and chimneys of a building. They have a basic conical shape with a little flange at the lowermost end. When the roofing is installed it works best with the shingles roofing type. We carry out roofing valleys and vent pipe flashing in order to prevent any leakage from the roof. This type of roof flashing is carried out at the joints. A sustainable channel is provided along the roof reinforcements in a way to help collect the water that drains out through your preferred means.

  • Cap and Base flashing

To stay away from wind weight and reinforce the edge of blazing, the edge of Cap glimmering metal sheet is bowed to at most twenty five millimeters. We generally install the cap flashing on your roof’s gradient. We then organize in steps the Cap flashings, where uppermost strides cover the lowermost ventures as a way to prevent any spillage along that inclination. We embed the Base flashing in such a manner that it does not interfere with the roofing materials. We ensure watertight joints are watertight that leave no possibilities of spillage.

  • Drip Edges Flashing and Cladding

Drip edge flashing to a valuable extent helps to avoid water drainage along the edges of your roof. We use the trickle edge flashing underneath the materials that fill an overhang. We also use it over the materials filling the adjoining rakes. Besides having a variety of flash roofing options available, we also use quite a number of roofing sheets accessories that can be used together for a proper roof functionality. Call our roof cladding and flashing Newcastle experts today and let us help you through your roofing journey.



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